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    "A livelihood for a livelihood"

    Cold Lake First Nations is a Denesuline (Chipewyan) Tribe and part of the Dene Nation. Located 300 kilometers northeast of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, this dynamic First Nation has a total membership of over 2400 members. Approximately 1500 Band Members live in or near its three distinct neighbouring communities, namely "LeGoff"(Indian Reserve 149), "Cold Lake" (Indian Reserve 149 A) and "English Bay" (Indian Reserve 149 B) all of which are located in the scenic Cold Lake area.

    Cold Lake First Nations is pleased to welcome the world to our community website. We hope to continue to honor our Elders, both past and present, by proudly sharing our stories, history and current events with you. We dedicate this website to all the Elders and to the children of the Cold Lake First Nations. Enjoy your visit!
    Masi Chok. (Thank you)

  • 8th Annual Cold Lake First Nations Rodeo

    August 29-30, 2015


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  • Denesųłįné Language App

    Click the link below to download our app for the iPhone or iPad

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